Anjana Vasan brings a new sort of music to the table with her debut EP, Too Dark for Country. A warm sound that is fuelled by the genres that have weighed heavy in Vasan’s musical past, the EP takes elements of folk, blues and country music to create something that can’t be neatly filed under any of those titles. Instead, the songs are defined by their depth of character – the wealth of sadness, parried by moments of sheer joy.

Raised in Singapore, Anjana Vasan moved to Britain to work as an actor and has been appearing onstage and in screen ever since. But it’s in music that Vasan has but her own voice to be heard.  Too Dark for Country talks of race, of the tragic lives of blues legends, of love songs that are doomed to repeat themselves, and of that most magical of all things: key lime pie.

Recorded with award-winning producer and musician Ben Walker, the real focus of the EP is Anjana Vasan’s voice, both as a singer and a songwriter.